Self Employment Workshop

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For Your Career Transition

At asa we are committed to supporting you to successfully identify and achieve the next stage of your career.

Workshop Overview


  • The workshop is structured over one day
  • Workshop focuses on; Personal Assessment, Business Set Up, Business Planning, Sales and Marketing and Developing Client Relationships
  • Reference Material – Self Employment Workbook

Our Approach

Strong businessess survive and prosper because of sound planning and the resolve and skills of owner managers to implement a chosen strategy.  Luck doesn’t have a lot to do with consistent success!

This one day introduction to Self-Employment Workshop is for those wishing to consider business start-up as a fresh career direction.  It is designed to cover all key decisions that an individual needs to think through and to point the way to follow-up actions and potential resources.

As a one-day programme, it cannot cover every aspect in detail.  It does, however, ensure that individuals are aware of the key issues and is, of course, integrated within a personal coaching programme.

Self Employment Workshop

Your Workshop includes;

The workshop is designed around five key modules;

  • Personal Assessment;
    Analysis of strengths and development areas
    Personal Goals and Objectives
    Personal Financial Planning/Survival Budget
  • Business Set-up
    Key steps for Business Set-up
    Business Constitution
    Selecting Professional Support
    Tax Planning
  • Business Planning
    The Business Planning Cycle
    The Business Plan Format
    The Business Plan
  • Sales and Marketing
    Market Research
    Creating a Brand
    Client Meetings
    Proposals and Pricing
  • Developing Client Relationships
    Client Management

Reference Material – Self Employment Workbook