For Your Career Transition

At asa we are committed to supporting you to successfully identify and achieve the next stage of your career.


Your outplacement support with asa will commence with attendance on 3 x ½ day seminars;


  • Knowing Yourself
  • What Do I Want to Do? My Drivers and Options
  • Networking

Our Approach

The Securing a New Future series of Seminars is a workshop-based creative job search programme designed to help you through a time of career transition.


The seminars will provide an invaluable learning opportunity and by attending you will have a clearer view of your abilities and achievements, help to identify what it is that you want to do and how to develop your network of contacts to assist in your job search.


The seminars will complement attendance on the 1 day Securing a New Future Workshop and we believe this awareness and confidence will significantly enhance your success in securing a new role.


Seminar Content;

There are three ½ day seminars for you to attend;

  • Knowing Yourself
    • Appreciate the emotional effect of the change
    • Explore the skills you have
    • Identify your knowledge
    • Clarify your strengths and achievements
    • Competencies
    • Qualities
    • Key points



  • What Do I Want to Do? My Drivers and Options
    • Exploring your driving forces
    • What are you looking for?
    • Perceptions
    • Do you want a complete change?
    • Your options
    • Key points



  • Networking
    • The hidden job market
    • How do you network?
    • Personal contacts
    • Networking rules
    • Social media for networking
    • Key points


Reference Material – Securing Your New Future Workbook