Do we measure up?

We appreciate that as a caring employer you want to do the best for your employees who are leaving your organisation and provide them with the most effective outplacement support.

Of course selecting the right supplier is not an easy choice for you and we at asa pride ourselves in being able to offer an outstanding outplacement service. We proudly retain all of our corporate clients, a number of whom have been with us since we founded some 15 years ago. We achieve this by providing an excellent service to both the HR team and importantly their employees or our individual clients as we refer to them.

Please take a look at the reasons we believe that we can provide the optimum service to you and ask yourself if you get this from your current provider;

1. Effective, pro-active and competent Account Management
2. Cost effective service
3. Careful selection and matching of coach to client
4. The quality of our career coaches
5. Flexibility of our programmes
6. Local and National coverage
7. Blended learning approach
8. Total support
9. Transparency of programmes
10. True partnership with our Corporate Clients

If you would like to discuss outplacement for any of your employees then please contact us, we would be delighted to have a no obligation discussion with you.