At asa we are committed to supporting you to successfully identify and achieve the next stage of your career.

Maternity Coaching at asa

We specialise in maternity coaching which provides a totally confidential, important and effective intervention at a critical time.  It enables women to make appropriate career choices to suit their situation, preferences and aspirations, and enables organisations to retain their talented performers and their investment in their development and future potential.


Maternity coaching ensures;

  • A smooth and effective transition back to work
  • Maintain self-confidence and engagement
  • Minimizes the impact on career progression
  • Facilitates a smooth and rapid return to performance



Executive Coaching Programme

Our Approach

We recommend a 6 x session coaching programme that would commence with an initial “scoping” meeting with the asa Managing Consultant, which provides the opportunity to assess which asa coach would suit each client. 

An introduction will then be made to the coach, and assuming a strong relationship is established and the chemistry is right then the coach would hold a contracting meeting with the client and possibly HR/Line Manager to agree ways of working.


Initial Session

The initial coaching session (or 2 x sessions prior to maternity leave) following the chemistry meeting will be to;

  • Plan and implement a comprehensive handover
  • Review career and objectives to establish a return point
  • Develop a communication and contact plan (“keeping in touch”) during the maternity leave
  • Look at personal reflections, concerns and objectives


During Maternity Leave

We recommend a coaching session towards the end of maternity leave which is designed to focus on and refresh the plan to return to work. The session would focus on;

  • Practical arrangements including logistics of returning to work
  • Psychological and emotional aspects of returning to work
  • Re- Building and maintaining self-confidence to successfully return to work
  • Planning the return to work covering a briefing on latest
  • projects, forth coming events, re connecting with colleagues and clients, reengaging with targets and performance / career goals.


Coaching Upon Return to Work

We recommend a further 3-4 x sessions which could focus on;

  • Supporting the progress and implementation of the return to work plan
  • Getting up to date with developments/changes/people on return
  • How to manage personal profile and visibility within the organisation
  • Levels of support with reengagement covering deliverables, people and any planned or imminent changes
  • Establishing work/life balance and setting appropriate boundaries
  • How to manage time and energy levels required to balance family and work commitments
  • Managing flexible working (if appropriate)
  • A review of the maternity leave period and key learning points
  • A focus on current and future career goals and aspirations
  • Creation of a career development plan

We adopt a flexible approach to this programme and will focus on the client’s precise needs.