Future Positive Programme – Engagement and Development 

In the current world of work where engagement of your employees is paramount and where your workforce rate their development highly, we have developed a very successful programme to meet those requirements – Future Positive.

Our solution is a programme comprising;  

  • A 1 day workshop focusing on the Business/Organisational Context, The Impact of Change Management, Engagement, Resilience and Future Development.
  • Completion of a Schein’s Career Anchors Report
  • A bespoke 1:1 session with a career coach to formulate a Personal Action Plan for development

Case Study

Following a major restructuring and downsizing project a major organisation in the Engineering sector asked asa to support their workforce with a programme that would focus on engagement and development. The company wanted their employees to understand that there has been a significant change at their site and that they need to embrace change and remove the sense of being “victims”. They wanted their people to understand that the company is adapting to changes in the industry brought about by the needs of their customers.

The company wanted to get people ‘engaged’ and asa’s intervention would be linked to their engagement strategy. They stressed that it was important to retain key people in roles and it would be necessary to link our intervention to career development plans.


The results of this programme showed;

• 260 employees attended the workshop and a 1:1 session
• 99.6% of attendees strongly agreed or agreed that the workshop facilitator was highly effective
• 96% x people said that they would strongly recommend/recommend the workshop 
• 99.6% agreed that the accompanying workbook was of high quality

If you would like more information on how the Future Positive programme can help your employees with engagement and development please call us or e mail us – details below.