The Benefits of Outplacement

We often have discussions with our sponsor clients on the benefits of outplacement to both the individual employee and their organisation.

Some of the major benefits are:


A Head Start – Outplacement is proven to reduce the time taken to get settled by up to 60%. It provides valuable networking opportunities with contacts from public, private and the third sectors, advice and guidance for self- marketing and gives access to the hidden job market. 

Personal Career Ownership – Outplacement offers an opportunity to work through careful life and career planning. It provides a structured and thorough opportunity to assess personal strengths, evaluate achievements and recognise own potential.

Managing Anxiety – outplacement support provides a safe place for individuals to express and manage their anxieties. Independent professional support helps people deal with the emotions associated with job loss. It helps them focus on how they can channel their energies into building their future. In the absence of such support their anxieties can weigh down themselves and others.

Boosts Confidence in Job Search – where employees have been with an organisation for a considerable period, they are unlikely to have any knowledge of the job market and how it works. Outplacement boosts confidence and motivation when applying for jobs.


Staff Retention and Motivation is upheld if remaining employees see that their colleagues who are leaving the business are being treated fairly and offered professional support.

Reputation Management – outplacement promotes good PR internally and externally. It minimises the risk of overt criticism by employees leaving or remaining, depicting a caring organisation.

Future Recruitment – organisations will inevitably recruit again at some stage and will be more successful in that process if they are able to manage their reputation during more difficult times.

Support to HR – Outplacement support can assist with Union discussions and support HR/managers to convey difficult messages while at the same time having to manage disrupted teams and maintain business continuity.

If you would like to discuss outplacement for any of your employees then please contact us, we would be delighted to have a no obligation discussion with you.