Workplace Wellbeing 

With the ever increasing focus within organisations on employee wellbeing, resilience and engagement, asa has developed a workplace wellbeing workshop entitled Wellbeing and Resilience – Strength for the Future’.

I thought that you may be interested in the work on wellbeing that we are currently undertaking for a major organisation? This is a wellbeing and resilience programme for their managers and links in with their overall wellbeing strategy.

Thus far the workshop evaluation, where we asked attendees to rate various elements including the relevance of the seminar, the effectiveness and knowledge of the facilitator, understanding of wellbeing and their overall recommendation of the workshop stands at 96%. Interestingly, ‘personal confidence in managing Health and Wellbeing’ went from an average of 54% (before the workshop) to 81% (after the workshop) and ‘knowledge and understanding to support others with Health and Wellbeing’ went from an average of 52% (before the workshop) to 80% (after the workshop)

Our 1-day Wellbeing Workshop for Managers aims to be relevant, informative and practical and focuses on;

•  What is Wellbeing?
•  Why it matters?
•  How can Managers recognise the benefits and promote to their team?

The workshop looks at;

•   Awareness of Wellbeing.
•   Why it Matters – some key statistics.
•   Personal Resilience and Wellbeing.
•   Physical and Mental Health.
•   Aligning wellbeing to organisational performance.
•   Your role as a Manager.
•   Development of an Action Plan for you and your team.

The Wellbeing workshop is delivered by Jayne Carrington, who is an expert in the health sector. She has grown two major companies in the Mental Health and Wellness sectors to prominent national and international exposure.

The workshop of course can be tailored to meet your precise requirements.

Please let me know if you would like a copy of the workshop content?