At asa we are committed to supporting you to successfully identify and achieve the next stage of your career.

Programme Overview

Our coaching skills training is for managers, supervisors and team leaders who are keen to promote a strong culture of personal empowerment and self-motivation.  This programme is delivered as a one-day workshop for up to 8 attendees, followed by one to one sessions of one hour for each attendee at which each attendees’ particular and individual issues can be addressed and additional coaching provided in those areas of particular concern.

Our Approach

This coaching skills training for managers workshop examines when and how to use coaching as a powerful management and leadership tool to engage people at a high level. It also uncovers the psychology behind why coaching is such an immensely valuable skill for understanding and motivating the individuals in a team to meet and exceed the goals they’re set. It provides key techniques for setting up and carrying out effective coaching for all personality types.


  • Improve overall team performance and obtain better results
  • Know when to use coaching techniques with employees
  • Increase the motivation and drive of individuals
  • Improve the performance of weaker team members and reduce their negative effects on others
  • Create a culture of coaching within their team
  • Utilise a proven coaching conversation model across their team
  • Focus on Engagement of team
  • Focus on Conducting Career Development conversations


Your Workshop Includes;

  • Learn the attributes of an effective coach
  • The coaching cycle
  • Using the GROW model for coaching
  • Easy ways to establish a coaching and development culture in your team
  • Evaluating outcomes for further development
  • Understanding different people types
  • Identifying and dealing with limiting beliefs
  • Effective language skills in coaching
  • Develop your coaching style through practice
  • Engagement – Definition / tools to focus on engagement
  • Conducting Career Development conversations with team members

1:1 Sessions

  • Our 1:1 sessions are bespoke and can address particular individual concerns and also provide practice coaching sessions.