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Alan Smith – Founder

“I am passionate about helping people develop their career and the asa ethos of enabling our clients to achieve their goals. We are guided by our commitment to provide an excellent service and to lead and reflect best practice. We are proud of our achievements and our reputation for creativity, innovation and a client focused approach that makes no apology for the passion that we have for working with people”


Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter.

In this Newsletter we highlight a new programme that has been designed by one of our associates and well-being expert, Jayne Carrington, entitled the Contemporary Manager.

We also highlight the results of our work running our Future Positive engagement and career development programme to over 250 employees at a major global organisation.

There is also a brief article listing the benefits of coaching for both the individual client and the organisation and finally an article from Julie Deadman, HR Consultant, on why personality matters when recruiting.

The Contemporary Manager Programme – The Impact on Employee Wellbeing

It’s tough being a manager. Performance targets are demanding, resources are scarce, time is precious. Most want to do the right thing for employee well-being but may feel uncertain what to do. They want to feel supported and confident to act when it is needed.

This is very much the purpose of our new programme “Developing the Contemporary Manager”. This 1 day practical workshop explores what realistically managers can do to address issues in a positive and supportive way whilst continuing to meet performance needs. The programme objectives are;

• To understand the relationship between workplace engagement and wellbeing
• To appreciate the pivotal contribution they can make as good managers
• Recognise when there may be issues that need to be addressed
• Create a space in the workplace which opens channels of communication
• Signpost resources available within their organisation
• Identify when external support may be required

For more information on the workshop content please read more;

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asa Future Positive Programme – The Results

 Following a major restructuring and downsizing project a major organisation in the Engineering sector asked asa to support their workforce with a programme that would focus on engagement and development. The company wanted their employees to understand that there has been a significant change at their site and that they need to embrace change and remove the sense of being victims. They wanted their people to understand that the company is adapting to changes in the industry brought about by the needs of their customers.

The company wanted to get people ‘engaged’ and asa’s intervention would be linked to their engagement strategy. They stressed that it is important to retain key people in roles and it would be necessary to link our intervention to career development.

Our solution was to design and run a Future Positive programme comprising;

* A 1 day workshop focusing on the Business Context, The Impact of Change Management, Engagement, Resilience and Future Development.
* Completion of a Schein’s Career Anchors Report
* A bespoke 1:1 session with a career coach to formulate a Personal Action Plan for development

The Results
The results of this programme showed;
260 employees attended the workshop and a 1:1 session
99.6% of attendees strongly agreed or agreed that the workshop facilitator was highly effective
96% x people said that they would strongly recommend/recommend the workshop
99.6% agreed that the accompanying workbook was of high quality

If you would like more information on how the Future Positive programme can help your employees with engagement and development please read more;

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The Benefits of Coaching

“Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another. It is a developmental strategy that enables people to meet their goals for improved performance, growth or career enhancement”

At asa we believe coaching is a powerful process that enables individuals to increase their self-awareness, clarify priorities and goals, and supports them to achieve their full potential. It’s a voyage of personal discovery, skills development and behavioural change individually tailored to meet their specific goals and objectives.

Some of the key benefits to individuals and to organisations from our coaching programmes include:
• Greater self-awareness
• Significant and sustainable improvements to performance
• Clear career plan and goals
• Development of new knowledge and skills
• Increased creativity and innovation
• Greater adaptability to change
• Enhanced leadership skills
• Improved relationships within and outside of work
• Sustainable behavioural change (new ways of working)
• Reduced stress

For more detailed information on our coaching programmes and the benefits please click the link.

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Why Personality Matters When Recruiting

An article by Julie Deadman, HR Consultant, asks the question – ‘When recruiting new employees, where do you focus your attention? On skills and experience or personality?’

All have their place, of course, but, hiring decisions are being made based on employee personality and here’s why;

1. Skills can be learnt, but personality is fixed. More specialised roles require certain qualifications and skills – there’s no point hiring a chef that can’t cook to run your busy kitchen, for example – but, for many roles, employees can be trained and will learn over time. Personality, on the other hand, is ingrained and won’t change.

2. It’s good for productivity – employees with values similar to yours and a personality that fits your workplace will work harder than employees with little attachment to your company that are just passing the time until they can go home. They’ll be more motivated and will work better with your team as a whole, which is important for atmosphere, morale and productivity.

3. It will reduce your staff turnover. Employees that are both comfortable in their environment and satisfied with their work are less likely to move than those that don’t fit in or work differently to how you expect your employees to work. Make your decision with this in mind, and you’ll see your staff turnover decrease.

4. The role of psychometrics. Having established that personality is important, there’s a need to identify how individuals will fit into your workplace before they start. It can be difficult though; it’s easy to hide true personality in a CV or during an interview, but, that’s where psychometric tests come in. Psychometric tests examine personality traits such as extraversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness, highlight strengths and indicate how a potential employee will work in your environment – are they good under pressure? Do they have patience and empathy, thus the ability to look after the needs of your most difficult customers? Or, are they introverted and work best on their own? Know this before they start, and you can place them in a position that plays to their strengths and makes them comfortable, and thus productive and successful.

5. The importance of balance in recruitment. Psychometrics are a valuable part of the recruitment process, but, like everything in life, balance is important; don’t rely on one method alone, take the holistic approach and look at everything together. For example, if an applicant looks great on paper, shines during the interview but falls short on the psychometric tests, don’t write them off instantly, give them the opportunity to respond. Ask for examples of how they have contradicted the test results – tell me about a time you excelled under pressure, for instance. Likewise, don’t write off that under experienced applicant that understands you and your company perfectly; take a chance as they may turn out to be an asset.

In Closing

We are a successful independent provider of career and talent management solutions – large enough and with the resources to cover the UK but also small enough to provide a truly bespoke and personal service with excellent account management. We pride ourselves on our passion for really caring for our clients and making a difference.

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